OrangeSoda Partner Program

In order automate OrangeSoda’s partner onboarding process, we came up with the OS Partner Program.

This was a very fast turn around project with less than a month to build it from process diagrams to full release. For my UX direction, UI development, and overtime dedication, I was recognized company wide and further recognized across our parent company, Deluxe Corporation.

The live site is located here.

Net Nanny Responsive Portal

Content Watch wanted their web admin portal to be responsive, giving to the user the appropriate display of the portal to the appropriate device and screen dimension. The main requirement of this application responsiveness was that the HTML remain constant between form factors and platforms with the CSS modifying the appearance of it between form factors and platforms. This meant that design had to be very aware of changing floats, displays, margins, and other CSS attributes.

The Manage Users area demonstrates how a basic design can be easily manipulated and modified with very little difference other than a change in sizes.

The Individual User Management page gives a better picture of the amount of reorganization of elements that would have to be accomplished with CSS. Being aware of that requirement helped to guide the design changes between form factors and platforms.

Print Design Over the Years

Getting my start as a creative professional after college in design for print, I have participated in projects that range from Catalogs, Magazines, Ads, Product Packaging, Posters, to Products themselves among other things. I have served in the creative direction role at photo shoots, voiceover sessions, etc. I have performed numerous press checks. Print samples are to come online, but are currently available for view in person.

While print is not my current creative focus, it is my first love. The textures of paper and the smell of fresh ink, along with the late night press checks are all part of my creative experience and will always hold a special place in my heart.


US Synthetic

US Synthetic had a whole repertoire of businesses in need of an update in online presence and brand. With one main parent site and 5 additional sites, content, coordination, and brand consistency across all sites were all suffering. needed a brand that showed the sophistication of the technology for which the company is well-known in the oil and gas industry.

UI Development, UI Design, and some web design

Current Site:
Live Site

OrangeSoda Tour Video

A video created in 2010 to replace an existing video by a company called Hook Tour and to provide a introductory explanation of how SEO works and why one needs it.

Full production (storyboarding, animation, illustration, audio editing, and direction)

Vizad SEO

One of my final design projects while working at Solution Stream one year ago, this was a very fast turn-around design that hit the mark right off the bat. It included a re-brand of the company web presence and story-board for the flash billboard on the home page.

Live Site